A Bright New Future

These four young boys, like thousand of others in India, had no hope of a good education.  Life looked bleak for them...begging, stealing, barely surviving on the streets.

Then they came to Angels' Place.

Now, they see life through a different lens.  They are getting a quality education that is giving them the confidence to look toward a much more hopeful future.  They now talk about their dreams, knowing they are getting the support they need to make them reality.  Many of these kids will go on to a University, and this is now a real possibility for them.  Before coming to Angels' Place, they would not dare to even consider it.  Some even dream of being doctors and social workers.  Whatever they hope for themselves, the staff at Angels' Place is there to support them and give them the guidance and direction they need from a "family".

There are hundreds of desperate children still waiting to find a home at Angels' Place.  Help us help them to dare to dream of a brighter future by visiting our Ways to Help page.