Little Angel: Mawi Mawi

Mawi Mawi (pronounced Moy Moy) means "pretty" in this little girl's tribal language.  It is not hard to see why she got this name.

Mawi Mawi lost her mother when she was only one.  Her father was not able to care for her and gave her to a maternal uncle who brought her to our orphanage, Angels' Place, because he could not care for her either.  It is a blessing that Mawi Mawi found her way to a loving home and "family" who now adores her and gives her all the care and attention she has missed her whole life.

Living at Angels' Place, Mawi Mawi gets to go to school and is just about to complete the first grade.  Her love of singing and dancing is a gift she shares with many other kids at the orphanage and now, she smiles all the time.  She is a beautiful and happy little girl who is finally looking toward a hopeful future thanks to our donors and sponsors.

Angel's Place has hundreds of kids on the waiting list, just like Mawi Mawi, still waiting for a place to call home.  Help us make room for them and visit our Ways to Help page now.

If you would like to read more stories about our amazing children, scroll through "previous posts" below.  You can also visit our "Angels of the Week" page for stories about our featured "Angels".

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