Meet Sophia.  She will tell you her name means wisdom, and she wears it proudly.  To her, this is important because it means she can speak and understand English well.  It is also the name she chose when she became baptized a Christian.

Sophia's story is full of sadness and hardship like many of the children living at Angels' Place.  She lost both her parents when she was very young and came to us from the distant hills of Manipur, desperate, orphaned and two years behind in school.

Despite her rough start in life, Sophia is thriving at Angels' Place.  Though she will complete her education later than most kids, she is doing well at school and especially loves learning biology and English.  Her dream to become a doctor and help others is a real option for her now that she is getting a good education.  She is very active at Angels' Place, where she loves to play badminton, volley ball and sing with the choir.  This bright and talented young lady is now looking toward a hopeful future full of possibility.  Besides being a doctor, her other dream is to meet her sponsor so she can express her gratitude in person for giving her the greatest gift of all...hope.

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