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Meet the children at Angels' Place, our orphanage in India.

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Children at Angels' Place are waiting for people like you.

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You can help more desperate children find a home at Angels' Place.

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Angels' Place: Where desperate children find a home

Want to learn more about Angels' Place and the 150+ children now living there? Just click an image below to begin reading their amazing stories of hardship and courage.

Help us Make Room for More!

Did you know that there are hundreds of desperate children on the waiting list to get into Angels' Place? Children who are struggling just to survive, begging for food and sleeping on the streets. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to make room for them right now, but you can help. You could be the one to bring light back into a child's eyes, give them the nourishment, warmth and care they need to thrive, not just survive.

Coronavirus Updates!

Click below to read our latest updates on the Coronavirus crisis in India and it's impact on the children at Angels' Place. We need your support more than ever to help care for the children during this difficult time.

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