As the day for my college graduation is getting closer, I would like to thank everyone at James Connection who has been with me through this journey. Without the help of each of you, I would not be where I am today. I would like to tell you all how grateful I am for everything you have done.

Sawmi, Former Resident of Angels' Place

After sponsoring children for several years, Bill decided he had to go visit Angels' Place.  That visit completely changed him. “Angels' Place is amazing and the children are special,” says Bill. “We not only have been able to tell the story and inspire others to become sponsors, but we also were pleased to develop a valuable corporate sponsor, too.” “This work is truly very gratifying,” adds Mary Kay.

Bill and Mary Kay Minsker, Sponsors

A home such as Angels' Place doesn't just happen.  It takes time, energy and plenty of money to feed, educate and clothe the children, let alone provide them with all the extras like music classes, sporting equipment and art supplies.  Please make a donation to the James Connection so the important work at Angels' Place can continue.

Sarah Burnell, Volunteer Music Teacher

Angels' Place is an oasis of order, love and hope in an environment of confusion and hopelessness.  If you can go, do it!  If you can sponsor a child, do it!  The staff at Angels' Place are doing an excellent job of caring for these orphans, and God's hand is obvious.

Hedi Devine, Volunteer and Sponsor