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Angel of the Week: Chinglianmawi

Chinglianmawi 2016You can see the pride in this beautiful young girl's face as she shows off her new Rayburn College school uniform.  For her, like most all children in India, she would have been denied an education without it.

Chianglianmawi came to Angels' place when she was 13 years old.  Her father had died of malaria and her mother could barely afford to feed her children, let alone buy them uniforms for school.  She knew she had to make a desperate choice and Angel's Place was her only hope.

Now, Chianglianmawi enjoys a life she never thought possible...regular nourishing meals, a warm bed of her own, opportunities to pursue her passion for music and to dream of a career in Fashion.  Compared to her early childhood, where food was scarce, and careers looked more like scavenging in garbage dumps, Chianglianmawi understands how blessed she is to have a home at Angels' Place.  Her caregivers know her as a kind, well-behaved, intelligent young girl with a bright future ahead.

Chianglianmawi wants the world to know she is a good and kind-hearted girl and she will continue to wear her school uniform proudly, along with all her friends at Angels' Place (some pictured below).DSC_0628There are hundreds of young girls, just like Chianglianmawi and her friends, waiting for a home at Angels' Place.  Girls longing for the opportunities a simple school uniform can provide.  Help us make room for them by visiting our Ways to Help page.

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An American Angel

DSC_3149-2As Christmas approached last year, LeeAnne Lafferty of Gibsonia, PA (pictured left with her mother, Jenny) was thinking about the orphans of the world. She wanted to help but didn’t know how. Her first thought was that she could share her toys with them, and so she talked the idea over with her mother, Jenny. They prayed on how they could help, and after a week an idea came to them: Cookies for Kids. Their idea was to sell cookies to help children in need. So they bought their ingredients and started baking.

The Laffertys were soon baking cookies together and selling them by the dozen. Contributors knew that the goal was to support the orphans of the world, and so they responded with a generosity in the spirit of the Laffertys' inspired idea. People gave anywhere from $10 to $250 for a dozen cookies, and in the end the Laffertys raised $1,150 from their home congregation. In the words of Jenny, “We know God can give an increase when the giving is placed in His hands.” For their contributions raised, the Cookies for Kids has provided almost the equivalent of three sponsorships for the children at Angel’s Place, and we are so grateful for their generosity that helps to make a new life for the children of Angel’s Place.

If you feel inspired by LeeAnne's story and would like to learn more about what you can do to help the children of Angels' Place, visit our Ways to Help page.