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A Life Transformed: Biakmuan

When Jan (our founder and Executive Director) visited Angels' Place in March, he had the opportunity to interview some of the kids who had graduated and left the orphanage.  Here is what he learned, in his own words, about one of our many success stories:  Lalbiakmuan!

"Biakmuan (as he is known by friends and family) impresses everyone with his hard work and enthusiasm for everything at Angels' Place. If its singing in the chamber group and the senior choir or concentrating on his lessons Biakmuan excels in attention and interest. He played soccer, volley ball and basketball at Angels' Place. Biakmuan graduated from Angels' Place this year having completed class 12 at Rayburn College High School. He wants to go on with his education either at the Imphal School of Preaching or at a local college. He kept above average grades and passed the state exam to pass class ten and go on to classes 11 and 12. Unfortunately, he cannot afford to go on to college yet. He went back to live with his father in the country where he now works as a laborer to support himself and his father. His younger sister is still at Angels' Place. He had many reasons to like living at Angels' Place, the friends, the organization, the discipline (Yes, he said he liked the discipline!), the education and the activities, especially the singing. He became a Christian and now preaches at his home church. He will continue to work to further his education and be a positive and productive member of his community."

It is only through the generous support of our donors and sponsors that we are able to help kids like Biakmuan break free from the crippling grips of poverty and lead successful productive lives as adults.  We have hundreds on our waiting list hoping for someone like you to help make room for them at Angels' Place.  Visit our Ways to Help page to learn what you can do.