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Angel of the Week: Vungliansang

Angel Profile 008Meet our Angel of the Week, Vungliansang.

This beautiful little Angel is only 10 years old and already has seen more hardship than many have seen in their entire lifetimes.

She came to Angels' Place in 2013 when she was only 7.  Her mother was alone and could not take care of her child so she made a desperate choice to find Vungliansang a home where she knew she could thrive.  A home that was full of opportunity that a poor single mother in India could not possibly provide.

At Angels' Place, Vungliansang loves to play and study, her favorite subject being Moral Science because she finds it "so interesting".  She also spends time with friends who share her talents and interests like singing and watching their favorite television programs.  Life is very different from her early childhood, which she remembers as being "not very nice".

Vungliansang dreams of being an airline attendant one day.  Because of the opportunities now available to her through Angels' Place, she can make it happen.  She wants the world to know she is "a good girl" and feels very blessed to have found a loving home where she can learn, play, dream and be her best self.  Thanks to her sponsors and the generosity of our donors, life for her is now pretty nice.

Did you know there are hundreds of children who have dreams just like Vungliansang, waiting to get into Angels' Place?  Children who are desperately trying just to survive.  All they need is hope and a little opportunity to turn their lives in a new direction, toward their dreams.  You can help them by helping us make room for them at Angels' Place.  Visit our Ways to Help page to learn more.

Angel of the Week: Thangzareng

Thangzareng2Meet Thangzareng, our newest Angel of the Week!

When Thangzareng was one month old, his father died, leaving his mother helpless to provide for her child.  Fortunately, for her, she found a new husband but sadly, like so many young widows in India, she had to make a desperate choice...a life of hopeless poverty or finding a new home for her child.  So, in 2005, Thangzareng's grandmother brought him to Angels' Place, saving him and his family from life on the streets.

Thangzareng remembers his early childhood as one of helplessness and hardship.  Now, he thrives in a loving home where he treasures the love and support he receives.  He enjoys school and particularly finds Science "very interesting".  He also loves sports and reading and dreams someday of becoming an officer in the Indian Air Force.  His life at Angels' Place is rich beyond his wildest dreams and because of the nurturing environment and support he receives, he has confidence in his future.  Thangzareng was baptized a Christian in 2012 and hopes to one day become "someone who is a source of blessings to others."

Because of the hope they now feel, so many children at Angels' Place share this vision for give back and make the world a better place.  This is the greatest blessing of Angels' Place... each child we help is like a pebble in a pond, rippling out more joy and love into the world.

Be part of the vision...visit our Ways to Help page now.

Angel of the Week: Rejoice!

AOW RejoiceMeet Vunghoihkim, our Angel of the Week!  Her friends call her Rejoice.

Rejoice is another James Connection success story!

She came to Angels' Place in 2005 at 9 years old.  Her mother died when she was 4 and her father, who was an alcoholic, was struggling to take care of her.  Her home life became dangerous for such a young child so her grandmother, in desperation, brought her to Angels' Place.

Rejoice remembers life being very hard before finding a home at the orphanage.  Like so many children, she feared a future without hope...for an education, for a career, for a happy home life.  Now, she talks about the warmth and friendship she feels at Angels' Place.  It truly feels like the home she never had as a young child.

Not only does Rejoice appreciate the joy of having a warm loving family, but she also talks about how much she gets to do now.  Most importantly, she goes to school and values her education as a path to a successful future.  She loves learning, especially English, which she finds fascinating.  She also loves to read.   Rejoice is also a gifted singer, a gift she gets to cultivate and share with others as part of the singing group at Angels' Place.

Rejoice is now a happy healthy 19 year old looking toward a bright future!  She wants the world to know she is "a good and kind-hearted girl" who dreams of being an airline attendant one day.  She was baptized a Christian in 2012 and feels blessed to be part of such a kind and caring spiritual community.  Warmth, friendship, love, and spiritual nourishment keep kids like Rejoice reaching for a better future.  Thanks to her sponsors and the generosity of our donors, she knows it is possible.

There are hundreds of children, like Rejoice, waiting for a home at Angels' Place.  You can help make room for them by visiting our Ways to Help page now.

Our First “Angel of the Week”

Suresh1Meet Suresh, our first ever "Angel of the Week"!

We are launching an exciting new project in 2016!  Beginning in February, we will feature 25 stories over the year, each about one of the amazing children living at Angels' Place.  Suresh will not only be the first but he has also volunteered to work on the "Angel of the Week" project helping to choose and interview children for future stories.

Suresh Singh is 19 years old and came to Angels' Place in February 2005, one of the first to call the orphanage his home.  When he talks about his childhood before Angels' Place he remembers little but misery and despair.  He lost his father when he was only 3 and when his mother became sick with TB he feared he was destined to life on the streets.  He had little hope of a happy future until he heard about Angels' Place.

Now, Suresh talks about a life full of hope, love and security.  He feels blessed to call Angels' Place his home.  Thanks to the generosity of our donors and Suresh's sponsors, he has grown up in a loving home where he gets to enjoy his favorite pastimes, like reading the newspaper and the Bible.  He also gets to go to school and study math, his favorite subject because, in his words, "I like to problem solve."  Suresh also likes to play football and dreams of becoming an officer in the Indian Air Force.

Suresh, like most of the children at Angels' Place, had very little hope for his future before coming to the orphanage.  Now, he dares to dream and knows, with the support of his new-found "family", his dreams really can become reality.

Hundreds of desperate children just like Suresh are still waiting for a home like Angels' Place.  You can help make room for them by visiting our Ways to Help page now.