Angel of the Week: Rejoice!

AOW RejoiceMeet Vunghoihkim, our Angel of the Week!  Her friends call her Rejoice.

Rejoice is another James Connection success story!

She came to Angels' Place in 2005 at 9 years old.  Her mother died when she was 4 and her father, who was an alcoholic, was struggling to take care of her.  Her home life became dangerous for such a young child so her grandmother, in desperation, brought her to Angels' Place.

Rejoice remembers life being very hard before finding a home at the orphanage.  Like so many children, she feared a future without hope...for an education, for a career, for a happy home life.  Now, she talks about the warmth and friendship she feels at Angels' Place.  It truly feels like the home she never had as a young child.

Not only does Rejoice appreciate the joy of having a warm loving family, but she also talks about how much she gets to do now.  Most importantly, she goes to school and values her education as a path to a successful future.  She loves learning, especially English, which she finds fascinating.  She also loves to read.   Rejoice is also a gifted singer, a gift she gets to cultivate and share with others as part of the singing group at Angels' Place.

Rejoice is now a happy healthy 19 year old looking toward a bright future!  She wants the world to know she is "a good and kind-hearted girl" who dreams of being an airline attendant one day.  She was baptized a Christian in 2012 and feels blessed to be part of such a kind and caring spiritual community.  Warmth, friendship, love, and spiritual nourishment keep kids like Rejoice reaching for a better future.  Thanks to her sponsors and the generosity of our donors, she knows it is possible.

There are hundreds of children, like Rejoice, waiting for a home at Angels' Place.  You can help make room for them by visiting our Ways to Help page now.

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