Our Team

The James Connection is run by a team of volunteers in the United States and dedicated staff in India.  If you would like to reach out to any of our volunteers or members of the Board of Directors, visit our Contact Us page.

Board of Directors:

  • Brian Albig
  • Andrea Fields
  • James Ice
  • Jan C. Swensen
  • Earl J. Wilkerson

US Volunteers:

  • Beth Weber, Sponsorship Director
  • Sharon Humphrey, Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Leslie Swensen, Patron Account Manager
  • Andrew Swensen, Social Media Communications Manager
  • Michelle Van Doeren, Website and Digital Communications Manager

Meet some of our key players...

Jan C. Swensen

Founder, Executive Director

A retired Pittsburgh Attorney, Jan oversees all leadership responsibilities of James Connection and Angels Place. Click here to read Jan's story about creating an orphanage in India.

Leslie Swensen

Patron Accounts Manager

Leslie manages patron accounts and donations for James Connection.

R. Sanga

Director, Angels Place

(pictured far right with Angels Place staff) Sanga supervises all operations, facilities and programming for children at Angels Place.

Englian Valte

Superintendent, Angels Place

Englian is the link between the administration, staff and the children. Click here to learn more about Englian and his role at Angels Place.

Siam Khansiam

Assistant Coordinator, Angels Place

Siam works with the staff to maintain good team coordination in supervising and managing programs for the children.

Mary Danthianmawi

Nurse and Supervisor, Angels Place

Mary takes care of the physical and mental health needs of the children and staff. Click here to learn more about Mary and her role at Angels Place.

Sangi Duhlian

Vocational Program Director, Angels Place

Sangi oversees the new vocational career program at Angels Place. Click here to learn more about Sangi and her role with the children.