Monthly Archives: February 2024

Clean Water for Angels’ Place

The first sip of new purified water

Angels' Place has a new water purification system! With a generous grant from Toyota we have installed a complex reverse osmosis plant to guarantee our children pure water. Presently, water is collected for the campus from three sources: public water supply which we store in a large tank at the highest point of the campus, a spring which we tapped into three years ago, and collected rain water from the girls' dorm. We have installed a large reservoir next to the girls' dorm which receives the collected rain water as well as water from the spring and public source. From this reservoir we force the water through the reverse osmosis filtration plant. The purified water is then available for use in the girls' dorm and is pumped uphill to the boys' dorm. It is a large and complicated system, but it will give us safe water for a long time and our physician should see far-fewer waterborne illnesses among our children and staff.

Click here to see more photos and read the detailed report from Siam, the director of operations.