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September Update On Angels’ Place

Baking with new improved kitchen equipment!

Hi all,

I wanted to share (below) a moving memory and an excellent status report from Siam. (Siam is R. Sanga's son who works and lives at Angels' Place.) They are succeeding despite dangerous difficulties.

It is important to note that the government has established restricted areas based on district boundaries. The boundary that affects Angels' Place is approximately 20 miles north of Churachandpur. The Meiteis stay north of that and the tribals stay south of it.

If someone flies into the airport in Imphal, our people cannot come there to pick us up. We would have to take a taxi south to the boundary and walk about a mile where our people could pick us up, but we have no plans to travel there at this time.

The children are safe but restricted in their movement.

Jan Swensen, Executive Director

Greetings from Angels' Place!

I remember what happened 22 years ago in Imphal and the US. In the run-up to the foundation day celebration of the Imphal School of Preaching, observed on the 12th of September annually, there was a gospel program organized in a makeshift hall on our rented building in Imphal. That day was September 11, 2001. I was just 12 years old back then as I glanced at our television set telecast of the BBC showing live visuals of two identical high-rise towers, one of which was up in flames. Years later, I learned that those images were of the World Trade Center.

Today, as we are currently facing ethnic violence in Manipur and what happened to the WTC 22 years ago, I am reminded that human tragedy is universal. I am also reminded that we are blessed here in Angels' Place because of the love and support received from all of you in the US. The children and staff express our heartfelt gratitude for your benevolent work.

Best wishes,