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Angel of the Week: Mary

"My mother left me behind."

When Mary's mother remarried after leaving her drug addicted husband, her new husband did not want Mary.  Can you imagine being so desperate to survive your only hope is to abandon your child?  In a culture where single mothers do not have the resources to take care of their children, there is often no other choice.  They must marry and often a new husband does not want the children of another man.  Mary does not remember much of her chaotic early childhood except "I was hungry, lonely and fearful."

Fortunately, after being bounced around from place to place a distant relative brought Mary to Angels' Place.   When asked what she likes most about living there now, she replies "The family atmosphere.  The love and caring."

According to her caregivers, Mary was "a shy and aloof young girl who is growing up to be a cheerful God-loving young woman".  She does well in school and enjoys English the most, especially poetry.  She dreams of being an airline hostess someday and knows she has doors open to her now she never dreamed were possible.

In her own words, "I am thankful to be a child of Angels' Place. I am thankful to my sponsors."

There are many children like Mary waiting to find a home at Angels' Place.  You can help make room for them by visiting our Ways to Help page today.

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