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Spring Update from Angels’ Place

Wonderful things are happening at Angels' Place and we wanted to share!

Two of our children won top prizes in a competition at a cultural festival sponsored by India's Ministry of Education to empower youth. One in drawing and one in essay writing. Another received the highest grade in a computer application program sponsored by a local engineering / consulting firm.

At Angels' Place, the children had an opportunity to participate in a team building craft project where they designed and built an architectural model. It was a huge success and all had fun while learning to work together. Others participated in weekly reading sessions where they not only got to have focused reading time but also practice expressing themselves through storytelling and reporting on their daily activities.

In the vocational program, children are making wonderful progress in the sewing and tailoring class, where they are learning to make things like pillows, dresses and repair their own clothes. Others completed a five-month baking course where they learned to make all kinds of delicious treats and the latest group of children in the Basic Computer course have passed their exams with flying colors. New groups began their baking and computer courses last month and we are excited to see what they accomplish in the next report!

We are so proud of our Angels and so grateful to all of our patrons and sponsors who help make all this happen.

If you would like to read the full report from Angels' Place, including details on specific children, click here.

Clean Water for Angels’ Place

The first sip of new purified water

Angels' Place has a new water purification system! With a generous grant from Toyota we have installed a complex reverse osmosis plant to guarantee our children pure water. Presently, water is collected for the campus from three sources: public water supply which we store in a large tank at the highest point of the campus, a spring which we tapped into three years ago, and collected rain water from the girls' dorm. We have installed a large reservoir next to the girls' dorm which receives the collected rain water as well as water from the spring and public source. From this reservoir we force the water through the reverse osmosis filtration plant. The purified water is then available for use in the girls' dorm and is pumped uphill to the boys' dorm. It is a large and complicated system, but it will give us safe water for a long time and our physician should see far-fewer waterborne illnesses among our children and staff.

Click here to see more photos and read the detailed report from Siam, the director of operations.

A Smile Worth a Thousand Words

Did you ever wonder how the kids at Angels’ Place react when they get letters from their sponsors? Well, a picture is worth a thousand words so we wanted to share a few that might inspire you to write your child if you haven’t. Or, write again the next time letters go to India. For those who are not sponsors yet, perhaps they will move you to become a sponsor yourself. There are many children waiting!

Times are particularly tough for our Angels right now. There is so much hardship in their lives to begin with. Add uncontrolled violence in their community, restrictions on food and health care and disruptions to their education and it can be overwhelming. The loving words, photos and stories are small but powerful treasures of joy in lives otherwise flooded with chaos and uncertainty. They lift them up and give them hope in a world that often feels unbearably cold and cruel. They show them the power of love through words.

We can tell you how much these letters mean. The children themselves can tell their sponsor when they write back. But the looks of excitement in these pictures are the real story ...the story of pure joy a small gesture can bring to a child who really needs something to smile about.

Letters will go out again in February. Mark you calendar now for the February 1, 2024 deadline!

September Update On Angels’ Place

Baking with new improved kitchen equipment!

Hi all,

I wanted to share (below) a moving memory and an excellent status report from Siam. (Siam is R. Sanga's son who works and lives at Angels' Place.) They are succeeding despite dangerous difficulties.

It is important to note that the government has established restricted areas based on district boundaries. The boundary that affects Angels' Place is approximately 20 miles north of Churachandpur. The Meiteis stay north of that and the tribals stay south of it.

If someone flies into the airport in Imphal, our people cannot come there to pick us up. We would have to take a taxi south to the boundary and walk about a mile where our people could pick us up, but we have no plans to travel there at this time.

The children are safe but restricted in their movement.

Jan Swensen, Executive Director

Greetings from Angels' Place!

I remember what happened 22 years ago in Imphal and the US. In the run-up to the foundation day celebration of the Imphal School of Preaching, observed on the 12th of September annually, there was a gospel program organized in a makeshift hall on our rented building in Imphal. That day was September 11, 2001. I was just 12 years old back then as I glanced at our television set telecast of the BBC showing live visuals of two identical high-rise towers, one of which was up in flames. Years later, I learned that those images were of the World Trade Center.

Today, as we are currently facing ethnic violence in Manipur and what happened to the WTC 22 years ago, I am reminded that human tragedy is universal. I am also reminded that we are blessed here in Angels' Place because of the love and support received from all of you in the US. The children and staff express our heartfelt gratitude for your benevolent work.

Best wishes,