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Angel of the Week: Kimnunmawi

April2016 151Meet Kimnunmawi, a vivacious and happy 11 year old who dreams of being a nurse someday.

Kimnunmawi came to Angels' Place in 2013 from a very challenging home life.  Her father died in 2010 when she was only 5 years old.  With five children to care for and no income, her mother was desperate as she watched her children suffer.   Kimnunmawi remembers how hard this time was.  You can hear the sadness in her voice..."I was often ill.  I could not go to school."  Finally, her mother brought her child to the orphanage in hopes of giving her a better life.

Today, Kimnunmawi's life is a far cry from the suffering and extreme poverty she remembers as a young child.  As a resident of Angels' Place, she gets regular nourishing meals, a warm bed to sleep in and the loving care every child needs to thrive.  She loves to cook and sing and she spends free time playing marbles with her friends.  Most importantly, she gets to go to school where she studies her favorite subject, Moral Science.   A child once trapped in a life full of misery and illness now glows with health and joy.

Kimnunmawi's dream of becoming a nurse is a real possibility for her today where it was once far beyond her reach.  She is very grateful to her sponsors, and wants them to know how much she appreciates all they have given her...especially their letters.

You can help make room at Angels' Place for more children living in desperate poverty.  To learn how, just visit our Ways to Help page.

Angel of the Week: Siamson

Siamson 004Meet Siamson!   Another James Connection success story.

Siamson's parents were divorced before he was born and he started life with a father who was, in his words "good for nothing".  He remembers how miserable and hopeless he felt during this time.  Though he had a parent, he was not cared for in the way a young child should be.  "Life was full of misery", he recalls.

In 2009, his grandfather, who recognized the dangers of Siamson's home life, brought him to Angels' Place.  Slowly, the feelings of hopelessness and misery began to fade as he made new friends and established trusting relationships with people who cared about his future.  Now, almost 7 years later, he is a different person.  Like so many of the children who come to the orphanage, he dreams of a future beyond the limits of extreme poverty and a miserable home life.  Some of the things he values most about Angels' Place?  Of course, the warm bed, good food and friends are high on the list, but he is most grateful for the opportunity to get a good education.  His favorite subject is Science and he plans to use his knowledge to build a career in the Indian Navy someday.

Siamson wants the world to know he is striving hard to become a successful person and is deeply grateful for his sponsors and all those at Angels' Place for helping him along the way.  He knows how different his life would be without the support of the James Connection.

There are hundreds of children on the waiting list to get into Angel's Place.  You can help us make room for them by visiting our Ways to Help page.

Angel of the Week: Sawmi

April2016 029We just got news that all of the Class XI Angels' Place children enrolled at Rayburn College have passed their exams and Sawmi (pictured) is first in her class!  She has been awarded a six month tuition scholarship for her accomplishment.

Despite being behind when she came to Angels' Place 10 years ago, Sawmi has been a star student from the beginning.  Not only did she have to make up for years of lost schooling, but she had to overcome a very tough childhood, having lost both her parents in the same year when she was only three years old.  After her parents died, she bounced around from family member to family member for almost 6 years.

Sawmi remembers how sad she was during this time, never really having a place to call home.  The hardest part was watching other kids go to school when she could not.   A love for learning burned deep inside Sawmi, but she did not dare dream she could get the education she longed for.  Then in 2006, relatives brought her to Angels' Place.

Not only did Sawmi get the education she always wanted, but she now has hope for a successful future, a place to call "home" and the love and support of friends and "family" to help her reach her dreams.  Though she is not sure exactly what her career path will look like, she is certain she wants to help others who have not been as fortunate as she.  She knows how blessed she is and feels tremendously grateful to her sponsors and the James Connection.  In her own words:  "I have a big family at Angels' Place, sent from God."

CONGRATULATION Sawmi and Class of 2016!  We at The James Connection are so very proud of you.

There are hundreds of children on the waiting list longing for a place to call home.  You can help us make room for them at Angels' Place by visiting our Ways to Help page.

Angel of the Week: Manlamkim

Angels 016Meet Manlamkim, a beautiful talented 13 year old whose life has changed dramatically thanks to the James Connection.

Manlamkim's life went tragically downhill when she was only a toddler.  Her mother had died leaving her to live alone with an alcoholic father who gambled away most of the little money they had for food.  She remembers how violent he would be.  "I was fearful, lonely, cold and hungry."

Fortunately, Manlamkim was rescued from a very dangerous home life by her grandfather.  He wanted better for her but could not take care of a small child himself.  So, he brought her to Angels' Place in 2010 when she was just 7 years old.

Today, Manlamkim enjoys a life she never dreamed possible for herself.  She no longer lives under the shadow of fear and loneliness of her early childhood.   She no longer awakens in the middle of the night hungry and cold, wondering whether someone will be there to take care of her in the morning.  Like most children at the orphanage, you can find her playing and singing with her friends, a bright smile on her face that reflects the inner peace and security she now feels.  The memories of fear, loneliness, and hunger will always be scars she carries through life, but they are fading more and more each day as she continues to write a new story of her full of hope, love and joy.

Manlamkin wants the world to know how grateful she is to her sponsors for giving her the opportunity to write this new story.

There are hundreds of children like Manlamkin, still living a life full of fear and loneliness.  You can help us make room for them at Angel's Place by visiting our Ways to Help page.