Angel of the Week: Siamson

Siamson 004Meet Siamson!   Another James Connection success story.

Siamson's parents were divorced before he was born and he started life with a father who was, in his words "good for nothing".  He remembers how miserable and hopeless he felt during this time.  Though he had a parent, he was not cared for in the way a young child should be.  "Life was full of misery", he recalls.

In 2009, his grandfather, who recognized the dangers of Siamson's home life, brought him to Angels' Place.  Slowly, the feelings of hopelessness and misery began to fade as he made new friends and established trusting relationships with people who cared about his future.  Now, almost 7 years later, he is a different person.  Like so many of the children who come to the orphanage, he dreams of a future beyond the limits of extreme poverty and a miserable home life.  Some of the things he values most about Angels' Place?  Of course, the warm bed, good food and friends are high on the list, but he is most grateful for the opportunity to get a good education.  His favorite subject is Science and he plans to use his knowledge to build a career in the Indian Navy someday.

Siamson wants the world to know he is striving hard to become a successful person and is deeply grateful for his sponsors and all those at Angels' Place for helping him along the way.  He knows how different his life would be without the support of the James Connection.

There are hundreds of children on the waiting list to get into Angel's Place.  You can help us make room for them by visiting our Ways to Help page.

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