Update on Angels’ Place during the Manipur Crisis

Image courtesy of The New India Express

The rioting in Manipur has subsided, and while the situation remains a concern, the children at Angels’ Place are safe. The rioting has affected both Imphal and Churachandpur, where Angels’ Place is located. In Churachandpur, the rioting stayed in the business district of the city and did not reach the residential area around Angels’ Place. The campus of Angels’ Place remains secure and undisturbed by the rioting. All children have remained on the campus throughout the recent events, and on-site staff care for their needs. Food delivery has been a concern, and delivery from Imphal has not been possible. Staff have had to make arrangements for food deliveries from the more distant city of Aizawl, Mizoram, and recent delivery of rice, potatoes, and dal has reached Angels’ Place. The schools have been closed throughout the time of political unrest. Internet communication remains restricted, but we are maintaining phone contact with our partners in India.
The rioting has displaced a number of our friends in India, those who provide for the children and manage Angels’ Place. Sanga, the Director of Angels' Place and our primary contact in India, was in Imphal where much of the rioting occurred. He and his family have relocated to the city of Aizawl, Mizoram. Others in his Imphal School of Preaching, like many in the area, have left to stay with relatives in nearby villages. Many of our friends have suffered substantial loss, including the destruction and looting of homes. The violence has resulted in numerous deaths and injuries, and tens of thousands have been displaced. While our friends and colleagues are among the displaced, we are grateful that all have relocated safely. Yet their losses have been great, and many of their homes, cars, and items of personal property have been looted and destroyed. We ask for your continuing prayers for the safety of the children, the staff, and all of our friends who make possible the work of Angels’ Place.
We are working with the Church of Christ in Holiday Park PA and Manassas, VA to set up a fund to help Sanga and his people. Raising funds for their losses is a separate mission from the James Connection but we will keep you posted on how to help if you feel called to do so. More information to follow.

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