Angel of the Week: Manlamkim

Angels 016Meet Manlamkim, a beautiful talented 13 year old whose life has changed dramatically thanks to the James Connection.

Manlamkim's life went tragically downhill when she was only a toddler.  Her mother had died leaving her to live alone with an alcoholic father who gambled away most of the little money they had for food.  She remembers how violent he would be.  "I was fearful, lonely, cold and hungry."

Fortunately, Manlamkim was rescued from a very dangerous home life by her grandfather.  He wanted better for her but could not take care of a small child himself.  So, he brought her to Angels' Place in 2010 when she was just 7 years old.

Today, Manlamkim enjoys a life she never dreamed possible for herself.  She no longer lives under the shadow of fear and loneliness of her early childhood.   She no longer awakens in the middle of the night hungry and cold, wondering whether someone will be there to take care of her in the morning.  Like most children at the orphanage, you can find her playing and singing with her friends, a bright smile on her face that reflects the inner peace and security she now feels.  The memories of fear, loneliness, and hunger will always be scars she carries through life, but they are fading more and more each day as she continues to write a new story of her full of hope, love and joy.

Manlamkin wants the world to know how grateful she is to her sponsors for giving her the opportunity to write this new story.

There are hundreds of children like Manlamkin, still living a life full of fear and loneliness.  You can help us make room for them at Angel's Place by visiting our Ways to Help page.

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