Meet the Angels

We have so many success stories from Angels' Place we could not possibly share them all, but here are a few to help you better understand the work we do. From 2015-2019 these children were featured as part of our "Angels of the Week Project". To read more stories, just click on "Angels of the Week" under Categories.


Sawmi is one of the most incredible success stories of Angels' Place. She graduated with honors from The Ohio Valley University in the USA and just received her Masters Degree in business...

Read more about Sawmi and more here!


This sweet little girl was one of the youngest children living at Angels' Place. When she lost her father, her mother became destitute and could no longer care for her...

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Thang lived a life of unimaginable hardship before coming to Angels' Place. Now he is thriving thanks to his sponsor's generous support.

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This cheerful girl was not always so happy. She shared the story of a miserable life before coming to Angels' Place.

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Looking at his bright smile, you would never know the hardships this young boy faced.

Read more about Manglalthuam!

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