• We care for 170 destitute children in India.


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The James Connection relies entirely on charitable gifts to carry out our mission to help children in need. There are hundreds of children on the waiting list to find a home at Angels' Place. You can help make room for them!

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Sponsor a Child

Perhaps you or someone you know could be the one to connect with a child in need across the world. Sponsors help provide their child with important essentials, including:

  • A warm bed
  • Nourishing meals
  • A solid education
  • A loving caring home
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Host a Presentation

Help tell the story of Angels' Place by hosting a presentation at your church or organization. The more people we can reach the more kids we can help!

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Memorial Gifts and Tributes

Consider recognizing a loved one's life or achievement by making a donation to The James Connection in that person's honor. We will gladly notify the honoree of your tribute - no gift amount mentioned, of course.

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Partner with Us

We are always looking for organizations or people who want to partner with us to help bring more awareness to our mission. Contact us if you would like to explore ways for your business or organization to be involved.

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Meet the Children

Meet the children at Angels' Place, our orphanage in India.

Sponsor a Child

Children at Angels' Place are waiting for people like you.

Give Now

You can help more desperate children find a home at Angels' Place.

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Learn more about The James Connection and what we do.

Angels' Place: Where desperate children find a home

To learn more about Angels' Place and the children living there, just click an image below to begin reading some amazing stories of hardship and courage. These kids were once barely surviving and now, thanks to the generosity of their sponsors, they are thriving.


Help us Make Room for More!

Hundreds of desperate children are on the waiting list to get into Angels' Place. Children who are struggling just to survive, begging for food and sleeping on the streets. We do not have the funds to make room for them right now, but you can help. You could be the one to bring light back into a child's eyes, give them the nourishment, warmth and care they need to thrive, not just survive.


Updates from Angels' Place

Exciting things are happening at Angels' Place! More children, a brand new healthcare facility in the works, celebrations, graduations, upgraded vocational programs and more... Click below to read our most recent updates from India and learn about everything going on in the world of our Angels.


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