Ching Liang Mawi

Meet Ching Liang Mawi, or Mawi (pronounced Moy) for short, pictured here (middle) with two of her friends who sing in the choir with her.

Mawi came to Angels' Place several years ago when her mother became ill and could not support her.  You see, her father died of malaria in 2004 and this is a devastating tragedy for a young mother in India.  Desperate to try and find a way to support her three daughters, Mawi's mother began weaving cloth to provide the family with a meager income.  When she became ill and could no longer sustain her work, she had to find help for her girls, or they would starve.

In 2005, Mawi came to Angels' Place and her life turned around.

She is now thriving in an environment where she gets proper nourishment and a quality education.  Though she had to miss a year of school, she is doing well in her studies and is now in grade 10 where she gets to study her favorite subject, Biology.  She also is a very talented singer and performs with the Senior Choir and the Chamber Group.

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