Angel of the Week: Thangkhanmuan

Angels 027Meet Thangkhanmuan, one of the newest and youngest children at Angels' Place.

This sweet little boy lost both of his parents by the time he was 5 years old.  When his mother died last year, he remembers feeling completely helpless.  "I have no one to take care of me." was all he could think about. Even before losing his mother, he remembers a very hard life where he cried a lot.  "We were hungry most of the time.  We often fell sick."

Fortunately, for Thangkhanmuan, some relatives brought him to Angel's Place and things began to change, for the better.  Slowly, he is coming out of the despair that hung over him like a dark cloud.  Now, life brings him more things to smile about...friends to play with in a safe environment, a good school, a warm bed to sleep in, nourishing meals and people he can count on to make sure he thrives.  He will need a great deal of TLC over the next few years, but the staff at Angels' Place is confident he will make a successful happy life for himself now that he is getting the care he needs.   Thanks to his sponsors and the James Connection donors, they will have the resources necessary to continue to provide this care until he is able to make it on his own.

Thangkhanmuan no longer despairs over having no one to take care of him.  He does not worry about going hungry, or whether he will have a place to sleep at night or someone to hold his hand when he is afraid.

Today, he plays and studies and draws (one of his favorite past times) with a carefree smile, as all 6 year old children should.

There are hundreds of children like Thangkhanmuan who don't have the basic needs every child must have to thrive.  You can help make room for them at Angels' Place by visiting our Ways to Help page.


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