Angel of the Week: Akip

Akip 2016Kip Kip Kom (known as Akip by her friends and caregivers) is another amazing Angel's Place success story.  Coming from a life of extreme poverty and no hope for a future outside it's grip, she is now on the road to a life full of possibilities.

Akip came to the orphanage when she was 8 years old from a remote village where there was not electricity, no hospital.  She remembers life being "very tough".  "Poverty was everywhere," she recalls.  "Many times we went hungry."  When her father passed away, her mother became desperate with fear that she could not take care of her four children so she brought Akip to Angels' Place in hopes of giving her a better life and future.

Today, at 19 years old Akip is thriving.  With years of regular nutritious meals, a warm bed to sleep in and the opportunity for an educations, she is realizing a dream her mother never thought possible for her.  She is in class 12 at Rayburn High School, an amazing achievement for someone who comes from such extreme poverty.  She loves school and her favorite subject is Psychology which she finds "fascinating". When asked what she loves most about living at Angel's Place, she replies..."The warmth and friendship, love, care and support I received."

Akip is known by her caregivers as a cheerful, kind and considerate young woman with a bright future ahead.  She has faith in God and dreams of finding a career where she can help others, like others have helped her.  This is the true gift of The James Connection...building a better world, one child at a time.

There are hundreds of children, just like Akip still waiting to get into Angel's Place.  You can help us make room for them by visiting our Ways to Help page today.

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