Angel of the Week: Niangbiakhoih

Niangbiakhoih 2016So many children in India do not know what it is like to grow up in a loving family and feel cared for.  Niangbiankhoih, known as Hoih at Angels' Place, was destined for such a life until she found her way to our orphanage.

Hoih lost her father in 2011 and then her mother in 2015.  She was alone and scared and remembers feeling like she had no one.  She recalls a very tough and unpleasant life in those days.  The normally cheerful young girl was living under a cloud of despair.  "I had no one to support me".

Then in 2015, she came to Angels' Place.  Within a short time, she was smiling again, playing with new friends and studying her favorite subject, Moral Science.  Her cheerful fun-loving personality began to reemerge as she settled into her new home, surrounded by a new "family" to care for her.

Though she will always carry the sadness of losing her family at such a young age, she now feels hope where before was only despair.  "With God's help, I can do and achieve anything I want," she proclaims with confidence.  When asked what she dreams for her future?  To become a doctor.  She knows the James Connection will help her get there!

Do you want to help children like Hoih, who feel like they have lost everything, even their hope for a happy future?  There are hundreds of desperate children on our waiting list at Angels' Place.  You can help us make room for them by visiting our Ways to Help page now.

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