Angel of the Week: Niangnunhoih

Niangnunhoih“I am lucky. I am in Angels’ Place.”

Niangnunhoih, our Angel of the Week, offers up these words as she considers the transformation of her life since she arrived in 2015. Niangnunhoih came to Angels’ Place from a family of seven children. When her father died, her mother could no longer support all of the children. “We were cold and hungry,” says Niangnunhoih as she remembers that period in her life.

Now 11, she is living a good life with food, education, and friends. While we may think of the basic needs of food and shelter provided by Angels’ Place, Niangnunhoih points us to something else tremendously important: a sense of community. Her life previously lacked friends and the simple joys of companionship. Now she delights in having other children with whom she can study and play. Angels’ Place is nourishing a complete life, and a life with a future.

In school, her favorite subject is Moral Science because “it teaches us to be good and kind.” These words of wisdom come from one who is deeply grateful for the life and possibility that Angels’ Place provides. Those words speak to all of us, reminding us that goodness and kindness are blessings that multiply in the world. Your generosity makes possible the nurturing that Niangnunhoih now enjoys, and she is making goodness a part of the new life that she is building for her future.

If you would like to transform a life and give a gift that cultivates such goodness and kindness, please consider a sponsorship for a child like Niangnunhoih. Angels’ Place not only saves the lives of children; it cultivates their goodness that they might go out into the world to and share their blessings in turn.

Visit our Ways to Help page to learn what you can do.

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