Crisis in Manipur

Many of you in our community are aware of the crisis happening in the state of Manipur, where Angels' Place is located. The orphanage is currently protected by guards and the children are safe but the violence in the district of greater Chruachandpur continues to escalate.

Here is a brief summary of what we know so far...

  • The rioting is a consequence of ongoing tension between two tribal communities. The majority has become active to preserve the historic culture and has become violent in places that have minority activity. It is not a good climate for Christians.
  • Sanga's Imphal School of Preaching and the church and buildings there have been burned down. Sanga, the co-founder and Director of Angels' Place, and approximately 100 others were taken in at the army post near by at the airport.
  • Sanga has since fled to Calcutta with his family. "We have lost everything" he wrote in a text.
  • Staff at Angels' Place report that there has been no violence at the orphanage but much rioting in Chruachandpur. Everything has been shut down, no internet, no school and public services. They assure us that the kids are okay.

Please, pray for our Angels, Sanga, his family and all those suffering as a consequence of this violence.

Click here to read a more thorough report on the crisis by Jan, our Executive Director.

Watch this video for more detail on what's going on with the conflict. Please be advised, it is graphic and unsettling.

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