Brandon Baker gets creative about philanthropy

Brandon Baker had a great idea about participating in his neighborhood's garage sale and doing a little magic for the kids at Angels' Place at the same time.  He set up a table and performed magic tricks for donations collecting $30.60 to help find extra food for the kids during the unrest in their state.…
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Four New Angels Arrive

We have four new girls at our home.  They are (left to rigth) Chinlunmawi, Lianlalnem, Niangmalsawm and Neinunloi.  They all need the love, care, education, nourishment and nurture we give at Angels' Place.  We look forward to seeing them grow and progress in the coming months. Would you like to sponsor one of these lovely…
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Angels’ Place Has a New Building!

As part of our 10 Year Celebration we dedicated a new building at Angels' Place in early 2015, Lydia's House.  Lydia's House is named after Lydia who is a woman who  became a Christian as a result of Paul's preaching in Philippi.  Lydia invited Paul and his companions to come stay in her house with…
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