Angel of the Week: Niangneihmawi

Niangneihmawi 2016This adorable little girl came to Angel's Place in 2013 helpless and scared.

Niangneihmawi's mother died in 2009 leaving her alone with a father who had no job and was drunk most of the time.  She was only one year old.  Sadly, things got worse when her father gave her to an uncle who had many children.   He could barely care for his own and she still remembers how terrible her life was. "It was bad.  I had no mother.  I was lonely and fearful."

Fortunately, Niangneihmawi's uncle brought her to Angels' Place and things began to change for her.  With proper nourishment and care, soon, the happy and carefree little girl began to emerge.   No longer trapped in a lonely life with little hope for escape, she had found a new path, one where she could express her true cheerful self...thanks to Angels' Place and the James Connection.

Today, this "chirpy" little girl loves playing with her many friends at Angel's Place and learning new things in school.  She sings with the choir, loves to dance and dreams about being a nurse or teacher some day. She radiates joy on a daily basis and the caregivers at Angels' Place are amazed to see what a difference good care has made in her life.

"I am happy at Angels' Place!  I am thankful for my sponsors," she wants the world to know.

There are so many children just like Niangneihmawi on the waiting list to get into Angels' Place.  Children still trapped in lives full of loneliness and fear, hoping they might find a home there.  You can help us make room for them by visiting our Ways to Help page.



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