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An American Angel

DSC_3149-2As Christmas approached last year, LeeAnne Lafferty of Gibsonia, PA (pictured left with her mother, Jenny) was thinking about the orphans of the world. She wanted to help but didn’t know how. Her first thought was that she could share her toys with them, and so she talked the idea over with her mother, Jenny. They prayed on how they could help, and after a week an idea came to them: Cookies for Kids. Their idea was to sell cookies to help children in need. So they bought their ingredients and started baking.

The Laffertys were soon baking cookies together and selling them by the dozen. Contributors knew that the goal was to support the orphans of the world, and so they responded with a generosity in the spirit of the Laffertys' inspired idea. People gave anywhere from $10 to $250 for a dozen cookies, and in the end the Laffertys raised $1,150 from their home congregation. In the words of Jenny, “We know God can give an increase when the giving is placed in His hands.” For their contributions raised, the Cookies for Kids has provided almost the equivalent of three sponsorships for the children at Angel’s Place, and we are so grateful for their generosity that helps to make a new life for the children of Angel’s Place.

If you feel inspired by LeeAnne's story and would like to learn more about what you can do to help the children of Angels' Place, visit our Ways to Help page.

Good News! Lemongrass Success

A Message from Our Executive Director... Let me tell you another story about the amazing providence that continues to occur in the history of the James Connection.  As you know, our Christian brothers have been growing lemongrass in the hills of Manipur in the hopes of making a profit that can be used to support…
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Brandon Baker gets creative about philanthropy

downloadBrandon Baker had a great idea about participating in his neighborhood's garage sale and doing a little magic for the kids at Angels' Place at the same time.  He set up a table and performed magic tricks for donations collecting $30.60 to help find extra food for the kids during the unrest in their state.

Brandon's mom Tina says, "When we write to Thanglalson, Brandon usually write his own letter to him and then Thanglalson writes one back to us and a separate one to Brandon - its been so cool to see Brandon become more interested and compassionate towards others and for them to be able to 'talk' about soccer in their letters."

We think Brandon's pretty cool to be so creative and thoughtful.  What do you think your kids or grand kids might enjoy doing to similarly help kids less fortunate than they are?

For more information about how to donate money you or your kids raise for The James Connection, visit our Make a Donation page.  Or, just contact us.

Angels’ Place Has a New Building!

lydiashouse2As part of our 10 Year Celebration we dedicated a new building at Angels' Place in early 2015, Lydia's House.  Lydia's House is named after Lydia who is a woman who  became a Christian as a result of Paul's preaching in Philippi.  Lydia invited Paul and his companions to come stay in her house with the quote "If you have judged me to be faithful to the Lord, come into my house and stay."  Acts 16:15.  This quotation is on the plaque at the entrance to our new building.

Lydia's House provides much needed facilities for our children, inlcuding girls' dormitory, dining hall, kitchen, library, infirmary, study hall, studio for music and an auditorium that seats 500.  The auditorium also converts to a gymnasium.  As part of the festivities dedicating the building, we were entertained by three children's music groups and traditional dance performances, all directed by Sarah Burnell, our music teacher and choir director from Montreal.  560 attended the dedication and celebration of ten years of operation as an orphanage.  The crowd overflowed onto the porches and to outside ground.  It was inspiring to see the amazing talent and joy on these children's faces as they shared their love and passion for music.

Take a look at Sarah Burnell's blog for more pictures, some video and Sarah's moving account of working with the children at Angels' Place.  You don't want to miss it.

Many children are still waiting for a home like Angels' Place.  You can help them get there by visiting our Ways to Help page.